Kenny is a Human boy who thinks Gohan is cool. He lives in an alleyway in Satan City. He spies on the Z Fighters a lot. He isn't very strong (but his power level is 15, instead of the normal Power level of humans, 5), but he plays an important role in Dragon Ball Infinity. He learned the Kamehameha after seeing Gohan use it. Kenny also learns that Mr. Satan did not beat Cell. He is very shy, as he hides from the Z Fighters.
Kid Trunks

Kenny is naturally blond(with green eyes)

Battling Cyber Perfect CellEdit

Cell was the only enemy Kenny ever fought. He saw Gohan get injured, and attacked in rage. He learned flight mid-battle. He teamed up with Jay to beat Cyber Perfect Cell. They both used Kamehamehas, and killed Cyber Perfect Cell. During this battle, Kenny's power level jumped to 75,000,000,000,000! He became weak again right after winning.


Kamehameha-Kenny learned from watching Gohan

Flight-Learned from watching Jay while helping Jay beat Cyber Perfect Cell

Galick Gun-Learned while watching Vegeta

Kaioken-Kenny learned from watching Goku use it against cell

Destructo Disk-Learned from watching Krillin

Instant Teleportation-Kenny needed a way to run away so he made Instant Teleportation after he learned about Ki

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