Kid vegito by db own universe arts-d3ffk6b

Kid Vegito

Kid Vegito
is a character created by TooNBaku. He is the mega powerful result of Kid Goku and Kid Vegeta fused by use of the Potara Earrings. His voice sounds more like Kid Vegeta than Kid Goku and is more playful in this form. He has the craziest attacks and defenses, that makes their opponent look confused after or before they make their move. In terms of immense speed and power, Kid Vegito has proven to be more than a worth opponent as he is faster and more powerful than their adult self  Vegito. His Fusion Dance counterpart is Kid Gogeta.

Power and AbilitiesEdit

Kid super vegito by hsvhrt-d3b6m1v

Kid Vegito in his Super Saiyan Form.

His power and abilities are quite the same as their adult self, Vegito but he has some abilities and techniqes from  Goku and vegeta. He is able to transform into a Super Saiyan.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kid Vegito is a mixture of both Kid Goku and Kid Vegeta's characteristics. He is about the same height as Kid Trunks. His personality is a mix of the two Saiyans. He exhibits Kid Vegeta's cockiness and inclination for taunting others, but is not as serious, having inherited Kid Goku's easygoing, cheerful, playful nature. He possesses both Kid Vegeta's strategic mind and Kid Goku's combat intelligence, making him that much more than efficient. Kid Vegito's hair is more inclined toward Kid Vegeta since it firmly stands upwards and is very dark brown in color. However, he has two bangs sticking out like a downward "V" shape, a trait caught from Kid Goku.

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