This is part of the Jeenking Timeline.

King Cold SagaEdit

After King Cold received word that Cooler and Frieza were killed by the Gold Fighters he wanted revenge. King Cold set course to Earth with an army of aliens and Turles. But while on their way to Earth King Cold fell in love with Mrs. Briefs. Inside the Jeenking Timeline she wasn't married to Mr. Brief. So they fell in love got married and had a child. King Vegeta named him Nappom in honor of Nappa and his sacrifice. Nappom was born with a power level of 2,000. This is very powerful for a Saiyan baby. So after 8 years before King Cold arrived Nappom had the urge to train. He reached Super Saiyan which was very strong for a 8 year old Saiyan baby. King Cold and his crew arrived on Earth in the North City. They easily destroyed the whole entire City. The Gold Fighters launched into action, Bardock and Vegeta who was now 18 attacked King Cold directly. Then King Cold and the Nameless Namek did an assault from behind. But King Cold countered King Vegeta's plan by easily blasting and killing King Vegeta. The Gold Fighters ran away in fear, their leader King Vegeta was killed. Then Vegeta realized that Nappom is very powerful. If they train him he may become very powerful. So Bardock trained Nappom while Vegeta and the Nameless Namek ambushed King Colds army. But after their fourth ambush their next ambush of the army King Cold had, the part of the army their fifth ambush was led by Turles. But as odd as it is the Nameless Namek easily bested Turles while Vegeta killed the last of the army. When word reached King Cold that Turles was dead King Cold went on a rampage. He went directly for Vegeta and the Nameless Namek. King Cold rammed into Vegeta's chest killing him. the Nameless Namek was stunned by King Colds power But survived and went where Bardock and Nappom were. Back at home where Bardock was training Nappom, Nappom reached SS2. But when the Nameless Namek arrived and told them the news Nappom reached SS3! King Cold arrived but Nappom intercepted in SS3. He punched King Cold in the gut and blasted his face. He then used his technique called Red Nova Blast on King Colds face. It killed King Cold and ended the reign of the World Trade Organization. So the Nameless Namek, Bardock, and Nappom found the Holy Balls and brought back everyone who died on Earth by King Cold and Cooler.

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