This is a story created by Jeenking. This was in a timeline called the Jeenking Timeline, also created by Jeenking

Planet Vegeta SagaEdit

On the day Frieza was about to destroy Planet Vegeta King Vegeta's wife died. This emotional heart break caused him to go Super Saiyan! So he told Nappa and Bardock to come with him. Nappa agreed to be a distraction so King Vegeta could kill Frieza. But Frieza saw through their plan and killed Nappa and blasted Bardock who was next to King Vegeta but escaped. Frieza said to King Vegeta," Your pesky rebellion will fail and the Saiyan race will die." King Vegeta laughed and went Super Saiyan. Frieza was petrified but said to King Vegeta," Even in Super Saiyan form I can still kill you." Frieza transformed into his 3rd form and rushed toward King Vegeta. King Vegeta punched his face kneed his gut and blasted his face. Frieza then punched him and used Death Beam. King Vegeta recovered a fit of rage and double-jaw kicked Frieza and then blasted Frieza 20 times. Frieza said,"This is enough! I will not lose to a Saiyan monkey. Last form I will go." Frieza transformed into his last and strongest form and was in 100% mode. After 15 minutes Frieza easily bested SS1 King Vegeta. King Vegeta said," This is not enough! I must go to the next Super Saiyan form." Frieza laughed and said," Maybe this will help. hahaha." Frieza formed a Super Nova and threw it at Planet Vegeta. It blew up Planet Vegeta and killed all the Saiyan race. Except for Vegeta, Turles, King Vegeta, and Bardock.

Double Super Saiyan SagaEdit

At the sight of this King Vegeta went SS2. Frieza said," I didn't mean for it to help you!" King Vegeta chuckled and charged up for a Galick Gun that would kill Frieza. Frieza blasted toward King Vegeta but was to late and King Vegeta unleashed his Galick Gun killing Frieza and his soldiers. King Vegeta laughed at Frieza. He asked Bardock were his son was and he told him that he was launched in a Attack Pod to Earth. When Vegeta got to Earth in the Attack Pod he stopped the Nameless Namek from splitting in to parts and they were the first two Z-Fighters. They call themselves the Gold Fighters. When King Vegeta and Bardock arrived and Vegeta taught them the error of their ways.

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