Legendary Super Saiyan 6 is a special branch of Super Saiyan 6, this form is the Super Saiyan 6 equivalent of the base Super Saiyan form's Legendary Super Saiyan. While it had been thought that Broly was the so-called Legendary Super Saiyan, and thus the destined user of the Legendary forms, this in fact turned out to be Trunks, when he attained this form during a battle against Majin Goten, following his hidden power being released by Old Kai. His alternate counterpart has later shown the same ability.


  • While Broly was able to reach Legendary Super Saiyan, only Trunks (as well as his future counterpart) has reached this form.
    • Trunks has later shown the ability to reach Legendary Super Saiyan as well, which he uses whenever not using Legendary Super Saiyan 6.