Majin Goku

Majin Goku

Majin Goku is a character created by UltimateGoku. Majin Goku is in a parallel world because his world is when Vegeta is the good guy and Goku becomes bad. He became a Majin because at a world tournament he asked Babidi to make him one. And in this world Majin Goku does not have a wife or son because he did not hit his head when his was a kid which in the other world he did.

He is all alone, so he tries to plot a fight with Vegeta. When he does Vegeta says why are you doing this? He said because it’s not right! Majin Goku goes Super Saiyan and punches Vegeta in the face. Then Vegeta turns Super Saiyan and does a Final Flash to Goku. Then when Majin Goku got hit, he did a 1,000,000,000X Kamehameha to Vegeta and Vegeta dies. And when he killed him he said what have I done? Then, he self-destructs to go to Other World to say sorry to Vegeta and explain to him why he was jealous, but Goku is not a Majin anymore but he still goes to Hell seeing as he once was possesed by evil.


Majin Goku's appearance is somewhat similar to regular Goku he has a Gi but red and white and a Majin symbol on the front.


Majin Goku's techniques are:

1,000,000,000 X Kamehameha



Super Kamehameha

Solar Flare

And any other move that Goku already knows


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