Gotenks was fighting Super Buu, until Super Buu thought that he would make a good Majin.He called Babidi to make him a Majin.Babidi and Super Buu
Majin Gotenks

Gotenks as a Majin.

were victorious. Majin Gotenks fought Piccolo, until 30 minutes were up. Majin Trunks and Majin Goten came out. They knew they would have to go Super Saiyan, so they did.

Goten as a Majin SS

They combined there Kamehamehas to try to defeat Piccolo, but Trunks suddenly blew up. He was good again! (He blew up because he blew his nose.) Goten was the only one left until Goten said, "Hey, I wanna blow up!" There was a big explosion. Goten was now good also! (But Dead, like Trunks :( .) But, the Dragon Balls were used! Trunks and Goten came ba
Majin Trunks

Majin Trunks SS doing a Kamehameha.

ck to life! And Babidi soon seized to exist.

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