Ava558: Hmm, i wish i could be a Majin!

Ava558: Huh, i know how! I'm sure if I make some edits ill be a Majin for sure!

Ava558: (Makes 100,000,000 edits)

Blalafoon: (Comes into room) umm, what are you doing?

Ava558: Becoming a Majin!

Blalafoon: Umm, you, cant.

Ava558: I sure can! You see, if I make 1,00,000,000,000,000,000 edits, ill be a Majin!

Blalafoon: No, you won't.

Ava558: Aww man! I know! (Grabs piece of paper, cuts in square, wrights M on)

Blalafoon: What are you doing?

Ava558: You'll see! (Sticks to shirt)

Blalafoon: Oh brother!

Ava558: You don't have a brother.

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