67px-Son Goten AF normal by dragonball italia

Galrick, a Marainian


Galrick's Mother, a Marainian


Galrick's Father, a Marainian

Marainian is the race that appears in my online fan-fiction Dragon Ball: The New Hero's and the race Galrick,Galrick's Father and his Mother hail from. Marainians are a race very similiar to Humans and Saiyans.


Marainians personality varies just like Humans. Like Humans some are caring,passionate and good and many other Human emotions. Like Saiyans some are evil,cruel and cold hearted.


Marainians appearance varies more like Humans then Saiyans. Like Saiyans they have wild hair styles(Most) but lack a tail. Like Humans their eye color and hair color varies unlike Saiyans being usually black and brown.

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