Master Shen is the brother of Mercenary Tao and leader of the Crane school. His top to students were Tienshinhan and Chiaotzu, untill they abondonded his evil ways. He is also a rival of Master Roshi at one time they were friends but became enemies after the sealing of Demon King Piccolo. It is unkown what happend to him after Dragon Ball. He also is the master/creator of several high powered energy attacks such as th
Master Shen

Master Shen

e Dodon Ray and the Tri-Beam-Cannon. Shen watches Tien and Goku's match at the World Tournament, and through the match, makes Chaiotzu paralyse Goku for Tien to win. When Tien finds out, he decides he doesn't want to be an assassin anymore, making Shen mad. When Chaiotzu also quits the Crane School, Shen attempts to kill him, but Roshi saves Chaiotzu by blasting Shen with a Kamehameha off the area. When Piccolo Jr fights Goku, Shen rebuilds his younger brother as a cyborg. and they enter the 23rd world tournament to get there revenge on Goku and Tien. Later when Tao is defeated by Tienshinhan he is last seen flying of with his brother swearing revenge.

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