Namo is a Namekian and fused with a spirit to fight off enemies.

He lives in the water, and briefly saw Goku when Goku fought Frieza. He also helped Gohan with the Z-Fighters to kill Cell. He gained a disease and gave Goten his powers, allowing him to be equal to Trunks so they could fuse. He met Goku in Grand Kai's World and stayed there for the rest of his life. He is also a very strong Namekian and is stronger than Piccolo. He is also a possible sibling to Kami and Piccolo. He will be seen on the Water Dimension on DBUD. He has a tattoo left from the Water Spirit. Part of his clothes are green and some are blue. He has the same voice actor as Piccolo. He is also a popular character in DBUD.

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