Nori the original super saiyan fan character by xxlightsourcexx-d4hq5uf


Nori is the First son of Kaiyan,the King of the Kadans. His younger Brother, zoan. He has one enemy, Ultimate Trevauntee. He and Ultimate have had many incounters with one another, mostly because his younger brother is best friends of Ultimate. He has fought Ultimate 200 times, he won 100,and lost 100. He, along with Ultimate, Used Fission and sperated into two people so that he can reach his Ultimate form.


He is cruel to most people, he doesn't listen when it comes to the rules. And He is cockey in his ablities. He cares about his brother more then anything else and will do anything to protect him.

Myph of the Orginal Shuper ShaiyanEdit

Many people use to say he was the Orginal Super Saiyan, but this was proven false as the Orginal Super Saiyan was killed by the Kaze race. After that they called him the reincarnation of the Orginal Super Saiyan. 

Power Level:100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000


  1. Super Saiyan
  2. Ultimate Super Saiyan
  3. Dark Ultimate Super Saiyan
  4. Dark Super Saiyan
  5. Evil Super Saiyan
  6. Super Saiyan 2
  7. Ultimate Super Saiyan 2
  8. Chaotic Super Saiyan/Evil Super Saiyan 2
  9. Super Saiyan 3
  10. Ultimate Super Saiyan 3
  11. Disaterous Super Saiyan/Evil Super Saiyan 3
  12. Super Saiyan 4
  13. Ultimate Super Saiyan 4
  14. Apocolyptic Super Saiyan/Evil Super Saiyan 4
  15. Ultimate Super Saiyan 5

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