This story is about a young boy on his quest to find the remnants of the history of the Dragon Balls.


In Age 775, Son Goku defeated Kid Buu with his amazing Spirit Bomb. Peace reigned over the land after that catastrophic fight, and the Dragon Balls no longer required use. The Dragon Balls were thrown away across the Earth, never meant to be found again. Ages passed quickly, burying the Dragon Balls further into ground, with less of the possibility of being found. Because of the wear and tear, the balls broke, no longer to be in use ever again.

Chapter 1: The Neo Age of 5775Edit

5000 ages later, the world is covered with snow and ice, with humans decreasing in numbers because of evolution. The Earth is blowing away piece by piece. The saiyans have all died out, but one young Saiyan still exists in the depths of evolution. He walks in the snow, an outsider to the dying humans. He lives in a cave, where no one can see his face. He looks for a way, a wish, to stop evolution and bring the Saiyans back. This is Age 5775, when death, is evolution.

Chapter 2: Broken DreamsEdit

Nozma: Where are they?

Nozma looks in a deep cave, for the possible fact that the Dragon Balls still beared on Earth untouched. He wanted everyone to be wished back, and evolution to end. He has barely any memory of his family, he only knows his little sister Kiza, and his older cousin Kuzma. He knows that they still live, but he does not know where they are.

Nozma: Please, tell me, WHERE ARE THEY!

Nozma crushes his hands into the ground, finding something noticable.

He finds a sword, silver to the touch. Marked with a "T", he realizes this sword once belonged to someone.

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