Oji Akumako is a Demon-Human hybrid who is descended from the Bloodline of the Demon who ruled the Makai 180 years before Dabura was born. Despite his heavily diluted demon blood, he still has great potential and is one of the universe's strongest warriors.


Early LifeEdit

Oji was born on a Planet at the edge of the South Galaxy. When he was still an infant, his Planet was attacked by Cooler's Armoured Squadron and his home Planet was destroyed by Cooler. He unconsciously released his hidden potential to form a barrier to save himself and transport him to a nearby Planet. He lived their happily until it was ravaged by Broly years later. His anger towards Cooler and Broly allowed him to master his ki and he went to journey throughout the universe, looking for revenge. He eventually found the Planet Makai, which contained an entrance to the Demon Realm and was ruled by Dabura. He challenged Dabura who sensed his demonic ki but was defeated. Oji then went into the Makai (Demon Realm) in order to train and become strong enough to kill Cooler and Broly.

Facing the Z-FightersEdit

After 10 years of training in the Makai, Oji had achieved enough strength to easily beat Cooler, Broly and Dabura. However, when returning to the living realm, he discovered that they'd all been defeated by the Z-Fighters. Wanting to prove himself as stronger than his deceased enemies, he headed for Planet Earth. Once arriving he encountered Piccolo who he easily defeated. He then began to search for stronger warriors and sensed two powerful fighters. He then found Goten and Trunks who were in the middle of training. They then fused to become Gotenks and fought him in an even fight, however, the fusion wore off before they could transform. Having won by default, Oji was about to search for another warrior but was found by Gohan. Despite the fact that Gohan was many times stronger than him, Oji won by using a painful paralyzing blast to stop Gohan from attacking. He then headed to West City where he found Vegeta. Vegeta transformed into a Super Saiyan 2 and was winning until Oji revealed he had been holding back since arriving on Earth. After powering up he easily defeated Vegeta and learned of the main Z-Fighter, Goku. He headed to Goku's home, bringing with him Goten and Gohan who were unconcious. Goku then fought him in an intense battle in which Oji showed that his full Demon-Power was equal to Super Saiyan 3 Goku. In the battle's conclusion, neither warrior could claim victory. Oji then decided to return to the Demon World, seeing that the Z-Fighters were worthy to be the universe's defenders.

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