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Pan dancing the Para Para Boogie

Pan tired re
English titlePan dancing the Para Para Boogie
SagaFan Fiction
Episode number1
Edited episode counterpartPan: Dance and Attack
Japanese airdateJune 23, 2005
Pan dancing the Para Para Boogie is an edited version special using scenes of Pan during the Para Para Brothers


DBGTEP010 - Dance and Attack 8834
Pan was on the asteroid planet Beehay with the Para Para Brothers.
Pan makes a big smile

"Don't forget to smile! Don't forget to smile!"

As they were starting at eachother, the Para Para Brothers were giggling and took off their armor and began dancing. While the three aliens enjoy their dancing, Pan says that it's tacky as she starts to dance too.
Dragon Ball GT 1 10 Dance And Attack 930280

Bon Para pinching Pan's cheeks.

Now that Pan is dancing the Para Para Boogie, Bon Para walks toward her and began pinching and pulling on her cheeks to make her smile as he throws her to a wall.
Dancing Torture

"Pan is not permitted to stop."

When Pan was getting up, she resume dancing while repeating the words Bon Para are saying as he continues to pummel her. Bon Para asked Pan of what does she think of their special dancing technique as she doesn't think it is dancing. The power of the Para Para Boogie had made Pan's arms feel like jelly and says she's gonna be sick. Afterwards, Bon Para tells Don Para and Son Para to sped up the dancing as Pan keeps on dancing when I giant worms appears from the ground. Pan was unable to move from the spot he was in, the worms scared the Para Para Brothers which freed Pan from their dancing spell as she knockout the worms while the Para Para Brothers tried to retreat, but they were stopped by Pan who makes them apologize to her. They gave her a gift as they leave. Meanwhile back on the ship, Pan opens her gift and reveals to be a miniature version of Bon Para's Boombox as it plays the Para Para Boogie and forces Pan to dance again.


"What's happening to me?!"
— Pan

"I don't want to do this stupid dance!"
— Pan

"Spin it right, spin it left, make a big smile!"
— Bon Para



Pan dances the Para Para Boogie03:14

Pan dances the Para Para Boogie

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Pan's training initiation - Dancing Parapara01:07

DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 - Pan's training initiation - Dancing Parapara


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