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Parsley is a Saiyan, who travels to Earth.

The only time Parsley met Goku was as a 4 minute old infant, UNTIL NOW! Parsley was going to destroy Planet Earth along with the rest of the Z Fighters. So, he


traveled to Earth in a Saiyan Spaceship and landed by Goku's house. Parsley got out! So did Goku. Goku remembered Parsley. "Surrender now or you will DIE!" Parsley said. "What do you want with us Parsley?" Goku asked "What did WE do to you?" Parsley thought, What DID he do to them? He went back into his ship and went back to his planet, realizing he didn't do anything to Goku.

Power LevelEdit

  • Parsley's Power Level would be around Frieza's 100% power form but, this event took place in the time of Cell so, to Goku Parsley would be kind of weak.

Dragon Ball EEdit

Parsley appears in Dragon Ball E and invades Goku Jr.

Full Power FormEdit

Parsley's Full Power Form was ONLY used in Dragon Ball E when Goku Jr. became a match
Parsley Full Power Form

Parsley Full Power Form

for Parsley.He awfully looks like a Super Saiyan 5. Parsley's armor comes of and the top of his body comes covered with white fur,with blue pants.


Parsley came from a planet called "N" and uses his Saiyan space ship to travel. Parsley traveled to every planet and conquered each one.

Full Power Form Power LevalEdit

Parsley's Power Level in his Full Power Form would be about as strong as Majin Buu when he first appears.

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