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"Father... Is that really you? I thought you died a while back."
— Piccolo III

Piccolo III
Anime name Piccolo III
Alternate names Piccolo Daimao III
Debut The New Z-Warriors
Appears in Dragon Ball Z: Another Road
Race Namek
Gender Male
Height 3ft and 11 in
Weight 90 lbs
Address Kami Lookout
Occupation Saving Earth
Allegiance Earth
Possible Guardian
Family Piccolo (father)
Demon King Piccolo (Grandfather)
Katas (Great-Grandfather)
Kami (Uncle)
Dende (possible predecessor)
Piccolo III (or Piccolo the Third) is the first son of Piccolo AKA The Legendary Super Namek. Piccolo III first appearance shows him fighting Hutajub. His father, Piccolo, along with Goku and Vegeta appears and destroy Hutajub. Piccolo tells his son, along with Goku III and Vegeta III, to train hard and maybe one day, be able to save the universe.

Piccolo III may have inherited The Legendary Super Namek from his father, due to the fact that his skin is SIMILAR to his father. He hints at that he may be the Guardian of the Earth, but when Goku asks him about what happened to Dende, he simply says "Who?" Implying that: Dende was no longer the Guardian of the Earth, he changed his name so people wouldn't recognize him or Piccolo III was making up that he was the Guardian of the Earth.


  • Flight
  • Ki Blast - A less advanced version of an energy wave.
  • Special Beam Cannon - An attack made by Piccolo. Piccolo III either learned it from his father prior to his debut or he simply learned how to do it by himself.
  • Healing - Piccolo III is seen healing Goku III.