The Popsicle Beam is an attack created by Ava558/Lukacat. The first to use this is Globe, seeing as how she says, "Ok

Popsicle beam while Globe fires it.

then, you're up first, I'll give you a little treat." When she fights Krillin, you will see this in the next DBWS story.

First, you say Popsicle Beam. Then put your hands above your head, and put them then by your side, and then fire the attack. The attack then is going into each other making them combine into one. The one on the right is red, and the one on the left is blue. By making them combine, it has purple in the middle.


The Popsicle Beam has red at the front, purple in the middle, and blue at the end. Seeing as how fried.

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