Queen Icica is a character in development made by Nimbus.69. She is the wife of King Cold, and the mother of Freeza and Cooler.


Like the rest of her family, Icica's heart is as cold as ice itself. She shows no mercy for anyone, no matter who it is. However, unlike her husband, she appears to care about her sons. This is first shown when she becomes enranged by the fact that Goku almost killed her son Freeza. She generally looks out for them, but will immediatly notice when they are taking advantage of her. She genrally couldn't care less about how her killing of others hurts others and how much it hurts. She delights in slaughtering her enemies and laughs as their families weep over there lost. She delights in seeing violence and murder, and often bursts out laughing when seeing people trying to avenge their loved ones.


Nimbus.69 is currently having somewhat of a hard time deciding her apperance of Icica, so she will take offers.

Name punEdit

Like her family, her name is a pun off of something cold. In her case, it is "Icicle". It is prononced like "I-se-a".

Role in the storyEdit

Anyone is free to use Icica in their stories. Please use Nimbus.69's permission before hand, however.

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