Rabbit 1 and 2

The Rabbit Mob threatening a fruit vendor

The Rabbit Mob (Usagi Dan Danin; also known as the Rabbit Gang, Rabbit Party or simply The Rabbits) are a trio of rabbit worshipers. They are also a mob that haunts a small remote village.


The whole group save for the boss rabbit are humans who wear fake black rabbit ears and carry around machine guns, while Monster Carrot, the leader is an actual talking rabbit with no guns. He (Monster Carrot) is feared for his Magic Touch and is accompanied by his two soldiers, the African-American "Rabbit One" and his partner the Caucasian-American "Rabbit Two" (real names unknown, but their code names are given in Dragon Ball: Origins). While not very magical, his minions are skilled shooters and very brutal.


The leader of the Rabbit Mob

Rabbits One and Two are first seen stealing apples from a fruit vendor then demanding money when the apples taste bad, jaywalking, and attacking a boy and his mother. After they start hitting on Bulma she calls them childish grown men and the two draw their weapons but are beaten by Goku. After their defeat they call the boss to come and help them. When Monster Carrot arrives in his car, he turns Bulma into a carrot planning to eat her (implying that the three have done this before and eat anyone who crosses them meaning that the two gun toting goons are cannibals). Goku tries to use his Power Pole but Monster Carrot dodges the pole and gets to a safe distance. Oolong leaves and Goku is pounded, but with help from Yamcha and Puar he subdues the three and takes them all to the moon to make candy for a year, saying that if they make enough treats he will bring them back.

Video game appearancesEdit


The Rabbit Gang members appear as regular enemies in Dragon Power and Dragon Ball: Origins. The gang also appears in Dragon Ball Z: Super Gokuden: Totsugeki-Hen. In Dragon Ball: Origins, after Goku defeats Rabbits One and Two, they call more members to attack Goku. After the reinforcements are defeated, they finally call Monster Carrot. Once Monster Carrot turns Bulma into a carrot, he runs off back to his hideout that Goku and Oolong have to find in the Mushroom Forest. Once there, Oolong disguises himself as a normal towns person wanting to join the Rabbit Mob so he can get Goku into the hideout.

It is never revealed if they were brought back down before the moon was destroyed in the anime. However, in the video game Attack of the Saiyans, Monster Carrot and the rabbits are shown to be alive having taken over Yamcha's hideout.

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