These are the rules of the Wiki.

  1. Only the admins may edit this page.
  2. No vandalizing whatsoever.
  3. When editing or making a page try to spell all the words right.
  4. Do not be mean to other users.
  5. When making a page don't steal another user's idea.
  6. Do not leave links that don't work, unless these pages will be added.
  7. Do not edit war, tell an Administrator what the problem is.
  8. When editing a real Dragon Ball page do not post fan fiction information or fan fiction pictures on the page.
  9. Do not change any information or add a picture on a Fan Fiction page that isn't yours, you are only allowed to edit for mistakes. If you have permission, you may.
  10. If you make a fan fiction transformation page like Super Saiyan 8, than please add ( then your name, then version) so other's can make this form as well. Like so: Super Saiyan 8 (Chix777's Version)
  11. Do not threaten this Wiki or anybody in it.
  12. Do not use another user's picture for your fan fiction ask them first if you can use it.
  13. There is no more putting real Dragon Ball pics on fanfiction pages like characters, techniques and transformations. They may be used for your own version of a character. They may be on pages as long as they have something colored in.
  14. Don't make more than one account. I understand if you want to make one about Dragon Ball if you came here from another Wiki that is allowed.
  15. No spamming on pages or on blogs.
  16. Do not remove stuff from other users' talk pages.
  17. No more blogs where you vote for users.
  18. Images must be sourced, particularily if you got the picture from DeviantART, simply state where you got it.
  19. Please, do not come here simply to complain about getting banned on another wiki, then never coming back.
  20. Discuss stuff about another wiki, on that wiki, not here.
  21. Do not add categories to your userpage except user rights and groups.
  22. Racism will not be tolerated. If you ever post personal information on your userpage, think it through carefully.

Administrator Rules

  1. Do not abuse power.
  2. Do not edit something on the main page that is not your job.
  3. When you call a meeting make sure you tell all of the Administrators.
  4. All Administrators must have a custom signature.
  5. Before deleting a page or blog make sure that they violated some type of rule.
  6. Don't delete a page or blog just because you don't like it.

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