Copy of Choke by DBZ Tenkaichi Club
Sasgeta is the fusion of Vegeta and Sasuke Uchiha from (NARUTO).


Sasgeta has the ability to go SSJ1, 2, and 3 due to the increased power of the fusion. In his SSJ1 form, his power increases ten fold, and his eyes gain access to the Sharingan. In his SSJ2 form, he gains an increase in size and muscle, and his eyes turn Mangekyo Sharingan. In SSJ3 form, he gains the typical long hair, and his power is so great, he struggles to control it. His personality is closest to Majin Vegeta, as he is ruthless and violent.


Big Bang Attack

Shadow Clone Big Bang Attack

Final Chidori


Fire Style Fire Ball Jutsu


Galick Gun

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