Scarlet pwns noobs.2

Scarlet when he's older (This was made by khalypso's Create a Wolf game).

Scarlet is one of Clamenta's very best friends. He plays a big role in her story, serving as her sidekick and best friend. He is also the reson why she becomes a Super Sayian.

Meeting ClamentaEdit

On a dark and stormy night, Clamenta, on her way to Mount Paouz to see her mother again, had fallen asleep under a giant tree in Scarlet's den. Early in the morning, Scarlet had shaken her awaken, trying to get her out of his house. At first, Clamenta is terrified of him, but they quickly become friends. The two are often seeing sleeping together under trees at night, sharing an apple together, fishing with each other, and even fighting together. The two become extremely close and eventually think of each other as more than friends... THEY THINKING LOVE MAN!! :3

The fight against the wolvesEdit

Awesome scarlet DUDE

Scarlet (made with game made by Kamirah on Deviniart)

The two have been traveling together for about three weeks and are very close to Chichi's house. However, there are still many dangers ahead of them. During a very stormy day, the two are running up the mountain, when suddenly a pack of wolves comes out of no where and attacks the duo. Despite their best efforts, the two are quickly overwhelmed by the fericous monsters. One of the monsters prepares to finish off Clamenta, but Scarlet jumps in front of it, gravely wounding him. Clamenta runs over to his side and holds him in her arms. Scarlet gives Clamenta a little lick on the nose and dies. This causes Clamenta to burst into tears, and transforms into a Super Sayian due to her extreme rage, sorrow, grief, hate, and extreme anger and brutally murders the wolves by ripping their thorats, eyes, heads, ect...its obvious her anger level is OVER 9000! (WHAT NINETHOUSAND?!).Scarlet is then burried in a small patch of flowers outside of Chichi's house.

Revival and Journey to NamekEdit

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