Goku hold three Senzu Beans.

The Senzu Beans are given from Korin, and when eaten the Senzu Beans restores energy and heals injuries. Normaly Goku eats them, but he gives some to Krillin and Gohan when they are fighting Recome. When eaten, the consumer's energy and physical health are restored to their fullest, the effects are typicaly almost instantaneous for the recipient, making these beans a great asset at both in and out of battle. Their texture is said to be a cross between an uncooked (or under ripe) bean and a celery stalk. Korin stated that one bean could keep a person full for ten days, though some who have eaten the beans have become hungry sooner, due to their naturally larger appetite (namely Saiyans as they generally eat much larger amounts of food). It has been seen that eating too many Senzu Beans at a time is dangerous, as when they are first introduced, Yajirobe is flabbergasted that the only thing Korin has to eat are "beans", and so he eats a few handfuls of Senzu beans, which resulted in him comically gaining about a pound for every handful he ate. Since Korin allied himself with Goku and his friends, Korin usually assists them by providing the Z Fighters with a sack of beans whenever possible as it takes time to grow even a single bean.

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