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BUDOKAI AF m Evil Goku by pgv
Shadow Super Saiyan is a Shadow Saiyan from, which can be achieved only by the Shadow Saiyan race.

This form uses power from the shadow world, in order to transform the normal Super Saiyan form into a shadow one.



Goku while transforming into a Shadow Super Saiyan.

Goku was the first one to ever achieve this form, by going inside the Shadow world and stealing the Shadow Energy. After Goku got the energy, his aura started turning from the golden Super Saiyan one to a red and black one, his hair and clothes changed color and he started transforming into a stage similar to the Kaioken in color, before finally transforming into a Shadow Super Saiyan.

Vegeta achieved this form through fusing with Goku into Gogeta and the alternate universe fusion Gogito, achieved the from through Gogeta and Vegito.

Super Buu achieved the Dark Buu, through fusing himself with the Dark Shadow Energy(a slightly stronger energy than the Shadow Energy).

Appearance Edit

This form has red hair and turns any clothes's colour to red and black, it also turns the blue eyes of a Super Saiyan into red ones. This form also changes any aura to a dark and crimson colour, aswell as turning every Ki attack to a shadow black-red like colour.
Super sd

A Super Saiyan while his aura is being turned to a Shadow one.

Though through variations this form can change appearance drastically.

Power LevelEdit

This form increases 10000 times, (20000 times for Gohan and 40000 for any fusion.) the power of a normal Super Saiyan, it makes a Super Saiyan so powerful, that he doesn't even need to transform to any further Super Saiyan level. A normal Ki Blast from that form can give a damage equal to a fully charged Kamehameha or Final Flash , or any other Full Power Energy wave for that matter.


  • This form was first used in Dragon Ball: Fanon wiki and later created on wars wiki, where the information about the form was expanded.
  • The Shadow Super Saiyan form was first used by evil Goku in the user's raging blast fan fiction
    Dragon Ball Z : NS from Dragon Ball: fanon wiki.
  • Due to the forms special powers, this form is better used inside the Shadow world, since the form becomes much weaker, when used outside the Shadow world.

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