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Shorty is the son of Vegeta Jr. This is one of the few Saiyans that actually does not have a pun on vegetables, instead Vegeta Jr. named his son after how short his great-great-great grandfather was.


Shorty is found wearing his fathers old armor with shoulderpads. But after the fight with Bardock Jr. he wears a green gi and a black scarf around his neck.

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Shorty after arriving at the fight of him and bardock jr.

Dragonball NGEdit

Shorty SagaEdit

Shorty is the main villain in the Shorty saga in Dragonball NG. The Birthday Party It is shorty's bithday party and bardock jr. comes to wish him happy birthday until he goes super saiyan by wanting to complete his great-great-great grandfathers work.

Shorty's trainingEdit

Shorty then fleed to the woods and trained for about a week and went to find Bardock to duel him (With goku secretly watching. Shorty arrives in a section of the forest that bardock was currently in at the time and battled him.

The Almost Defeat!Edit

Shorty had a nice battle with bardock, but little did he know that every second he left himself open bardock took some of his energy for the spirit bomb. Goku then gives some of his energy to the spirit bomb and it automatically doubles in size. But just before bordock threw the Spirit Bomb Vegeta Jr. arrives and explains to shorty that killing is wrong and that the fights between goku and vegeta were ment to see if vegeta surpassed goku.

The Talk with GokuEdit

Shorty then returns to the spot where he trained in the forest to pick up some thing he left behind only to run into goku and have a conversation of what is waitng for you if your ruthless, goku then dissapears by using Instant Transmission.

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