Sokufukuiru is an ancient Namekian wizard who survived the Planet Namek catastophe.


Sokufukuiru was born in the same generation as Katas and Guru. Like the Nameless Namek, he was considered a protigie of the Dragon Clan and had magical capabilities, however, despite his large amount of power he didn't care about his magic. Before the climate shift that wiped out all Namekians apart from Katas' son and Guru, he left the Planet as he wanted to travel the universe and learn more about it. He then started to consider the possibility of being an almighty ruler by using his powers to conquer and became a feared tyrant due to his amazing sorcery and incredibly high power level. He was later confronted by East Kaioshin and Kibito who managed to outsmart him and imprison him in a statue. Wanting the seal to never be broken, they threw the statue into the sun, killing him.

Alternate timelineEdit

DBZ-195 Black-Haired Super Saiyan

Sokufukuiru in his Aku Goku form

In an alternate timeline, Kaioshin never thought of thowing the statue into the sun. During the final battle with Kid Buu, Goku's Super Spirit Bomb accidently destroyed the statue and unsealed him, however, he had weakened from so many years of imprisonment and so he went unnoticed. He then teleported to a planet in the West Galaxy where he spent 12 years, regaining his strength. As the Z-Fighters had the largest power levels he'd ever sensed, Sokufukuiru decided to head to Earth and see if he could use his magic to control them. He showed enough power, skill and abilities to easily take on all of the strongest Z-Fighters until they combined their attacks into one. He was then weak enough for Goku to defeat, however, before he could be killed he used his Shojiken technique in order to possess Goku and control his body. Sokufukuiru then became known as Aku Goku and killed all the Z-Fighters and anyone who stood in his way. Years later, a human Martial Artist called Shin Hoku challenged him and used a deadly technique to drain all the blood in Aku Goku's body, rendering him weak. Aku Goku was then defeated and Sokufukuiru's soul was destroyed.


  • Sokufukuiru's name is an anagram of Fukusokurui (腹足類), the Japanese word for gastropod.

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