Sonchou is the father of Uub and is the second strongest in his village, second only to Uub.


The Wandering WarriorEdit

Sonchou was once a martial artist who wandered the Earth looking for strong opponents, mainly those who had competed in the Tenkaichi Budokai. He defeated many powerful humans of superhuman strength such as Nam, Bora, Giran, Pamput and Bacterian. However, after suffering a humiliating defeat at the hands of Tao Paipai and barely escaping with his life, Sonchou chose to return to his village.

The Reincarnation of BuuEdit

When Uub was born, Sonchou was able to feel that Uub would have strength beyond anyone he'd ever thought. He taught Uub the basics of fighting but only normal punches and kicks. When Goku arrived in Uub's village to train him, Sonchou asked to recieve some training as well, however, due to Goku being almost 1,000x stronger than him, Sonchou was unable to do much of his intense training. Instead he chose to train with Master Roshi.

Settling an old scoreEdit

After receiving a month of training from Roshi, Sonchou felt he had the strength to fight Tao again. However, Sonchou couldn't find Tao anywhere.

The conclusion of the warriorEdit

When settling into a life of peace, Sonchou was forced to fight again when a strong human called Wanryoku. Goku and Uub quickly arrived but Sonchou told them not to interfere, no matter what. In the end, Sonchou won with the loss of his left arm. After winning against a truly strong opponent, Sonchou chose to abandon the path of a warrior and live a quiet life.


  • Steel Muscles - Sonchou focuses all his ki to gain superhuman endurance and make his body harder than steel.
  • Kiai Cannon - Sonchou uses an invisible ki blast by focusing all his ki.
  • Fierce Flurry - Sonchou unleashes a combo of punches and kicks and finishes it with a large kiai breath blast. He teaches this to Uub once he starts training him.
  • Kamehameha - Sonchou was taught the Kamehameha by Master Roshi. He can also use the Super Kamehameha, though doing so drains all his stamina.

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