Aspar the brother of Nappa

Spar is the brother of Nappa. He is very young compared to Nappa, but is stronger. He is one of the saiyans who survived the "Great Explosion", that destroyed Planet Vegeta, 'cause it was invading a unknown planet. When he is back he don't find Planet Vegeta, being notified by Lexa (Beetz 's mother), that a new planet are being colonized by the Saiyans, creating a empire that doesn't obey Frieza. Then he go live in the Planet Beetz.He is the coucilor of the Planet Beetz in his time, in the future being his son and half-brother of Beetz, Eedz, His name is a pun of asparagus.



He is like Nappa, his hair is spiky and black, like Vegeta's. He wears a blue and light-brown armor. He uses too two Blue bracelets.


He isn't arrogant like his brother, but intelligent and strategic. When a battle against him start, it will not end until Spar win.

Techniches ans Special AbilitiesEdit

Flight – The ability to fly with the use of ki

Ki blast - The most basic form of energy

Eye Lasers - Like many characters in the original series,Spar can fire lasers from his eyes.

Kapa - The stronger attack of Spar and Nappa.

Giant Buster – A rush attack used by Spar

Great Ape - He turns in Great ape,but he don't control it almost all.

Gigantic Rock Throw – He remove a chunk of stone from the ground and throw in his enemy.

Power LevelEdit

When he go live in the Planet Beetz, his power level is like 4200.

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