Everything happens the same untill here (it takes place during the battle with Raditz).

Piccolo= Hold him off I'm going to use my super awesome mega extreme new attack I was saving for you.

Goku=Really? Could it beat me?

Piccolo=Yes a thousand times. NOW SHUT UP!

Raditz=I agree with the Green LOSER.

Piccolo=What was that? OH IT'S ON NOW SPACE NERD!

Goku=Should we really be fighting?

Piccolo and Raditz=YES!

Piccolo= Now shut up and hold him off. OTHER SPACE NERD.



Piccolo=Goku get in a full nelson



Fires special beam cannon

Piccolo=Now DIE both of you


Goku=Am I dead? uhhhh what happened?

Piccolo=It's a twizeler Goku

Piccolo=I have an idea.

Starts whipping Raditz with it

Raditz= Fine I'll leave,but I'm taking Kakorot. Oh and 2 more saiyans are coming bye.

Piccolo=Fine We'll just wish him back hear. OH and Goku is it ok if I take your son

Goku=hhhhuuuuuuhhhhh what I can't hear you

Piccolo=I'll take that as a yes. MWAAAAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHHAHAHHAH I will rule the world with his son.

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