The Spirit Jawbreaker is a comedy attack where when Goku uses the Spirit Bomb a giant jawbreaker appears.


This is a what if story taking place in the kid buu saga.

Vegeta= I'll hold him off you charge up the spirit bomb.

Goku= ok

Vegeta gets beat up

Vegeta= OOWOWOWOWOWO Stop it.

15 minutes later

Vegeta= OHOOOOOO! Kakarot, how long.

Goku= Now move!

Hercule= Time to save the day!

Hercule is unconsius

Vegeta= Fine I'll limb

Goku= We have to save Hercule

Vegeta= No we don't. the viewers can't stand him.

Goku= OK

Fires Spirit bomb

Fat Buu= uuuuuuuuuuuw, that look good

licks spirit bomb

Fat Buu= mmmmmmmmmmmmm! tastes like jawbreaker.

Vegeta= Kakarot you idiot.

Spirit Jawbreaker smashes Kid Buu

Goku= that'll work.

Vegeta= How!!!!!??????

Goku= We'll eat him!

They all start eating

Vegeta= I hate you.

Goku= at least I killed Hercule

Vegeta= Thank You.

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