Broly in his Super Saiyan Five form.

After the defeat of Omega Shenron, Broly somehow escaped from HFIL and attacked Earth. This time Broly was a SSJ4 and this time no one could stop him so eventually Goku came back to Earth to help. The rest of the Z Fighters could not help Goku since they were busy figthing Kid Buu who also escaped with Broly. Goku became a SSJ4 and fought Broly who was also in his SSJ4 form. This time there was no intervention by any of the other Z Fighters. Angry he was even in power with "Kakarot" he powered up into a SSJ5 and was too strong for Goku. In the end Goku was defeated by SSJ5 Broly. In this form, Broly wears his usual battle outfit with the sash he usually wears around his waist, but he has very long silver hair that is spiky, he also has tattoos on him.

Action FigureEdit

An action figure of Super Saiyan 5 Broly was released.

An action figure of Ssj5 Broly.

Power LevelEdit

Broly's power level as a Super Saiyan Five was approximately Nine Trillion but before his transformation into a Super Saiyan Five his power level was Four Billion.


An angry ssj4 Broly about to become Super Saiyan Five for the first time!

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