Staff Officier Black

Staff Officier Black

Staff Officer Black is a member of the Red Ribbon Army and Commander Red's assistant. Staff Officer Black and Commander Red witness Mercenary Tao kill General Blue with his tongue, when Red called Tao to help them with Goku, who was causing the army deep problems. When Black finds out that his Commander's whole reason for the dragon balls is to become taller, Black kiils Red, and renames the army the Black Ribbon Army. When Goku arrives in Commander Red's room, Black fights Goku and shows some martial arts skills, but is defeated then he goes into his battle jacket and takes on Goku, though he gets in a few hits, he is still defeated when the battle jacket explode, which kills him in the process. He later comes back from hell in Dragon Ball GT, but he is quickly defeated by Pan.

Path To PowerEdit

Staff Officer Black reappaered in Path To Power, the retelling of Dragon Ball, redesigned with a Native American appearence.

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