Goku:(To busy eating rice and meat)
Goku eating

nom nom nom nom nom!

Chi-Chi: Sigh, this happens every time we have rice!

Gohan:(To busy eating rice)

Bulma:You don't want to know how much we had to pay to go out to eat!

Chi-Chi: Well, yes i do!

Bulma: Actualy it wasn't that much from town to town because they all had different prices.

Num num num num num!

Chi-Chi: Oh yeah? How much?

Bulma: (Gulp)

Chi-Chi: Tell me now!

Bulma: fine

Bulma: 100,000,000 zeni!

Chi-Chi: What?!

Chi-Chi: I can't belive i married him!

Bulma: You know, maby we could trade man!

Chi-Chi: What do you mean?

Bulma: I mean, Goku for Vegeta!

Chi-Chi: I know, even though Vegeta isn't that romantic, okay!

Bulma: (Grabs Goku and runs out door)

Chi-Chi: Vegeta! TAKE A SHOWER!

Vegeta: This is the exact same thing!

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