One day,

Goten: Mom! Where is the game controler?

Chi-Chi: Last time i saw it, it was on the end table.

Goten: I checked there!

Ch-Chi: Ask Gohan! Maybe he knows!

Goten: Okay! Gohan! Did you play on my nentendo?

Gohan: No, i don't play on that! I told you yesterday!

Goten: Oh okay! Mom!

Chi-Chi: Yes?!

Goten: Gohan says he didn't use it!

Chi-Chi: Okay, I'll look around. Here it is! Goten, you said you looked on the end table!

Ss mario

Super Saiyan Mario!

Goten: I did! Oh, wroung one. Hehe!

Goten: (Puts Super Mario chip in) Huh?

Chi-Chi: What the!

Goten: Super Mario dose not look like this!

The end!

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