The Super Saiyan 10,000 first used by Goku. Use earn this stage by
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Super Saiyan 10,000

having that feeling in life that all hope is lost, you just feel like your heart has broke, but not like when Krillin dies on Namek.


The hair is long like the Super Saiyan 3 stage but the hair reverts to black. Sadly, they automatically grow scouters, but full view, covering the users face. The user automatically have Saiyan armor. They have red fur like the Super Saiyan 4, just more of a red, not maroon. Again, the user grows a tail. And they alot have a red cape with a gold back, all of the user's have red and golden armor. The gloves are a red looking mattle, with gold stripes on them. The boots are an orange-gold looking color.


  • Galaxy Kamehameha - A Kamehameha powerful enough to destroy the galaxy. The user fires this with one hand.
  • Finger Big Bang Kamehameha x100 - A normal big bang kamehameha that is fired with 1 finger. You're dead if it fires with all 10.
  • Universe Kamehameha - Has enough power to destroy the universe. Fires with both hands.
  • Crashing Dragon Fist - Uses a dragon fist followed by a Galaxy Kamehameha.

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