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Super Saiyan 5 or shortly SSJ5 is transformation used by Saiyans. It's ascended level of Super Saiyan 4.


User ascends from Super Saiyan 4, so he keeps fur, but it becomes gold/yellow, because user "becomes" Super Saiyan. If user's power is larger, fur gets darker, as it's noticed with Gogeta. His eyes become red and eyebrows grey. User's muscles buff a bit and tail becomes a bit larger and stronger.

Usage and PowerEdit

It's power obviously passes power of Super Saiyan 4. That's why it's used by many characters. It can destroy Xicor when it's achieved. It can use too much energy sometimes and it puts pressure on body, so it's limited, but user can practice to stay in this form longer.


Super Saiyan 5's only weaknesses is that it has a time limit, puts strain on the body and needs to "refuel" to be able to use it again.

Curent users

  • Goku - The first Saiyan to acheve this form


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