"I... I can't... control... I'm losing... control... of my... body..."— Gohan during his transformation
Super Saiyan 8
Users Gohan (Only to obtain)
Class Transformation

Super Saiyan 8 is one of the possible forms a Saiyan can achieve following Super Saiyan 7. When a Saiyan earns this form, he or she becomes dangerous, evil, and monstrous. This form is dangerous, because if one is this form, going back normal via powering down is not an option, and the user must actually be knocked unconscious in order to leave the form. Users of the Super Saiyan 8 form can only be defeated by a Super Saiyan 9 or higher while using it, which makes leaving the form a difficult task indeed.

Gohan reached this form once, while losing against Majin Broly. He was able to defeat Broly following his transformation, but ended up losing control and began attacking the city. Goku was ultimately able to defeat him with the use of Super Saiyan 9 after a close fight, rending Gohan unconscious and powered-down. The form was never used after that, due to being too much of a potential hazard.


Super Saiyan 8 has waist-length, spikey, red hair, black fur, and a red aura with red sparks and red electricity. The symbol of the form's control over it's user is present as a red S on the user's head. This is similiar to Majins only they have fancy Ms on their heads.

Usage & PowerEdit

Super Saiyan 8 multiplies the power of the Super Saiyan 7 by 40. This is exactly why the form is so monstrous and exactly why defeating it as a Super Saiyan 7 is simply not an option.

Trivia Edit

Super Saiyan 8's name is sort of betraying. This is due to the fact of being one of two successor transformations to Super Saiyan 7. The other is Super Saiyan 9. However, Super Saiyan 9 is only 2x as powerful as Super Saiyan 8. This makes it a little hard for Goku as a Super Saiyan 9 to defeat Gohan as a Super Saiyan 8.

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