Super saiyajin 4 by salvamakoto-d6282r0


Super Saiyan God 4 requires you to be at Super Saiyan 4 when becoming a Super Saiyan God, it takes the SSJG multiplier and makes it go haywire (since it's SSJG and SSJ4, the multiplier is 2,400,000,000,000 (2.4 Trillion)), When this transformation is used, reality around it in a 40m radius, everything outside that raidus stops in time, it throws out mana that turns into ki that turns into mana constantly, it changes the color to inverted colors outside the 40m radius as marking where the time is stopped, it can technically move at the speed of instant quite faster as it uses instant transmission, but at such level it does not require focus, it has no real weaknesses and can only be trumped by the Super Saiyan God 5 or Hyper Saiyan God 4, A punch can throw a person through a dimension at light speed, and fly out in another part of the universe at near instant, during this punch, everything around the user seems to stop in his vision and everything seems stopped, but he still flies at normal speeds as it seems, The Super Saiyan God 4 can turn it self into energy and reform somewhere else, as your body is shaped into physical energy, increasing your strength further. If used by a user who is tier 3 to 3.5 in their base, they will be able to during transformation, turn the universe around them into shards, unleash and turn all matter around them to anti-materia that combines with all other materia aswell, during the event of this, every single bit of energy coming from the event of anti-materia and materia colliding will be drained by the Super Saiyan God 4.

SSJG4 has red fur that matches the hair of a SSJG, it has a glow and unleashes the same kind of aura SSJG does, the users eye are turned to white and it looks like you have no pupils or anything, but you can still see, it's tail is sorrounded by the tails aura from naruto, and is still only one tail, but the tails on a super saiyan god 4 can reach up to about a 5 meter max in length, the tail can be used as a hand in some cases to launch some attacks. When transforming into this being, It works the same as the Super Saiyan God 4, But.. It repeats every single microsecond, until the user's energy is literally visible on the outside, as the energy is changing color every second, it releases such a chocwave that makes time around it go backwards for 10 seconds, it does as well change the traits of everything around it for a second into someting else, if used somewhere near lava, it makes it stone, or water, or ICE, Once you have transformed once, You will transform with a faster transformation then that, speed up by Billions of times, and will make everyone around it feel wierd.


Hyper Saiyan God 4 - This form is a 100,000X the multiplier from the normal, it results in the user's fur and hair to become white, and flash through colors every microsecond; the lightning aura from this form has several colors that can come out, It still lands somewhat on the same level as Super Saiyan God 4 but is several times stronger then the normal Super Saiyan God 4, it can potentially move at speeds that are similar to the big rip and can rip universes apart at the speed of instant. it can breathe in space with no problem and well, it's tail is longer then SSJG4's tail, which emitt a similar effect as the tails from naruto, and well, it sorrounds the user, but it changes colors with the user.

How to TransformEdit

The First Time you Transform, You have to do it the traditional way, But once you're done with that, the super saiyan 4 literally catches the "Pure Good" Essence of the 6 saiyans needed in it's fur, when you want to transform again, the sparks of the good essence fly around you in circles, and then flies into you, and well, in a flash you become SSJG4.

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