Super Saiyan Santa Drawn By MrDelsar99

One day, Santa was walking around the North Pole when a group of 7 Saiyans appeared. The Saiyans killed some elves and destroyed everything in the North Pole except Santa—they wanted to fight him themselves. Santa was so mad about the destruction of everything he loved that he was able to transform into a Super Saiyan. The Saiyans apoligized to him when they learned that Santa was a Saiyan. Santa was too angry to accept their apology. He took out 2 Saiyans with a Christmas Coke-Cola attack. 3 others he attacked with a energy candycane blast. And the 2 others he stopped with a gingerstruction blast. Because Santa is a nice guy, he spared all the lives of the Saiyans and revived the North Pole with his Christmas Spirit.

Storyline and Drawing were both created by MrDelsar99.


Christmas Coke-Cola Attack — Santa shakes up an energy Coke can and opens it blasting soda everywhere with amazing force.

Energy Candycane Blast — Santa makes a candycane out of his ki. He wields it like a sword then throws it at his target. When it hits the target it explodes.

Gingerstruction BLAST — Santa's strongest move. Santa concentrates his ki then releases it all at once causing a massive explosion, destroying almost everything.

Christmas Spirit — Santa heals everything surrounding him.

Festive Kamehomeho - Santa's version of the Kamehameha

Merry Kristmoken - Santa's version of the kio ken