Super Saiyan X3
Anime name Super Saiyan X3
Manga name Super Saiyan Catastrophic
Debut Episode 195 (DBX)
Appears in DBX
Inventor Goku
Users Goku, Vegeta
Color Blue, White
Similar techniques Super Saiyan 4X

The Form

Super Saiyan X3 is 85% hatred, 15% Super Saiyan. In this state, the form has so much rage that when a character in the state passes by a plant, the plant immediately dies. The state has an effect on humans by making them cough. With barely any use, the state can destroy a galaxy. Attacks, such as the Kamehameha, can get stronger by 1000x. This form has so much mass that it can interrupt the rotation of Jupiter. This form is supressed because of the effects of the form on Earth. However, it can be used to it's full extent, but to a very dangerous risk of destroying the planet.

To Ascend

Ascending to the last level requires giving up your pure nature, turning into a complete inferno of rage, hatred, and dark evil to completely annihilate your foe. You can return to your pure nature only if you can return to the normal state.