Syn Jafribucelly

The Evil Fusion is a fusion of all of the long lasting villans, including Frieza, Super Buu, Cell, Cooler, Janemba, Baby, Broly and Syn Shenron. Their attitude is confident, particular, and ticked off. The fusion is performed by all of them putting their fingers in a circle.


It has a head like Cooler but is red like Janemba's, with a purple spot like Frieza. It has Super Buu's face and Cell's ears, Baby's shoulders, and arms and body like Frieza, with one of Syn Shenron's elbow spikes. His hand cuffs are from Broly. He also has hips and pants from Super Buu as well as wings from Cell. He also has a tail that resembles Janemba's but with a white tip at the end, brought from Cooler.

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