Takeo is a character created by TooNBaku. He is a Full-blooded Saiyan, from Planet Vegeta. His powers and abilities so far exceed his older step-brother, Broly. Thus holding the title of one of the very few, Legendary Super Saiyans: himself and Broly. He is the son of Paragus and Yula, and hates everyone including Goku, Broly and Paragus except his mother. But after his mother’s brutal of his trust in her, he decided to kill her. Regretting nothing, he appears in Earth looking for Goku and Broly. He is slightly confused with Goku as they look alike but their personalities differ.


Takeo first appears in Planet Vegeta, as a new born in the same ward with Goku, Broly. He was born some minutes after Broly therefore making him the younger brother. His hatred for Goku started as Goku cried non-stop in the room, they were in and he heard Broly getting irritated. He hated feeling his brother uneasy and also Goku’s crying did also get to him. He also witnessed as he looked at his brother almost being killed by one of King Vegeta’s slaves, even though they were related his incredible powers weren’t full developed so he survived. At that moment Yula knew of Frieza’s plan to destroy Planet Vegeta, she saved Takeo escaping into her ship and left Planet Vegeta; they headed to Planet Grev-many miles away from Planet Vegeta.

Nine years passed, Takeo was quiet and never spoke to anyone. He trained by himself but from time to time, his father and Broly would stop by to check on them. Takeo wouldn’t miss the chance to see if he could defeat his big brother in a spar match. Unfortunately he never did. Match after match, round after round still to no avail but little did Takeo know that each match they both had, increased Broly’s power level to the max; Takeo tried to calm his brother down, shooting a number of powerful ki blasts but Broly was too powerful. Takeo was badly beaten and was almost killed by Broly, as he generated his Gigantic Buster towards him. Instantly without caution Takeo transformed into a Super Saiyan! With this new transformation, he held Broly’s energy attack with his palm and smirked. A simple throw on the hand as it headed towards Broly. Broly knew he couldn’t survive this attack, despite that he was willing to hold it back. Takeo watched as his brother tried to stop his own attack but failed. Broly just simply disappeared from sight as well as Paragus, Takeo turned back to his normal state surprised at this new found power. He felt like he had no control over his own body. From then on, Broly was now his arch nemesis. As his last words were, You won't be so lucky Broly especially you, Kakarot.

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