The Drake saga takes place 10 years after Omega Shenron was defeated. Once an old woman found a Space pod in the ground.A person came out. He killed the poor woman and searched for the highest power level,only to find his two brothers,Vegeta,and Tarble.At this point Tarble can go Super Saiyan 2. Drake still wiped the floor with them and found Dax on his Scouter. At KAME HOUSE,Drake met Goku and Dax.The battle with them went all the way into Mars, leaving only Vegeta, Dax and Goku left standing.This is because Drake,unlike all the Z-warriors,can go Legendary Super Saiyan.His final blow was on Goku.Dax has had enough.His Transformation Defeated Drake so badly it was 5 months for Drake to recover,But came again the following year

Part 2Edit

Drake came again when Goten had a son,Gotan.Last time,.Drake couldn't take losing,so he blew up.Dax died,too.He came as one of the Villians who fought Dax.Later Drake was back to life to kill all.He first encountered Goku jr,Vegeta jr,and Gotan.He thought he killed them but they made the final blow on him later while he was Vs Goten,Gohan,Krillin,and Trunks.Seeing Dax there all of a sudden just was too much for Drake.

End Of All SagasEdit

It has been 3 years since the battle.But now Drake was an anti-hero.He was good now!Later the Ulimate terror arrived,Then Drax was born.He came back after death 1 minute later and A patara fusion,Dak.With cosmic energy from Goten's Cosmic Kamehameha,Dax and Drake where 2 again.

Ssj4 vegeta scouter


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