Gokus lunch

Krillin: Aaaaaah! What are you uh, doing?!

Vegeta: (Putting finger up nose) Huh?

Krillin: Ummmm, arn't we all here to fight?

Goku: Well, yeah!

Nappa: Eh, Vegeta? You okay?

Vegeta: Yes, yes I am, i'm fine.

Nappa: Was it the bug people you ate?

Vegeta: What people??

Nappa: You know, the one's on the planet before we came here, when I had my butterfinger!

All: (All fall over with legs up) SIGH!

Vegeta: Wha???

Nappa: (Falls over to sleep)

Vegeta: Ugh! (picks up Nappa and throws in pod and sets to home.

All: That was easy!

Goku: Yeah! Hey, what do you say about Burger King?

All: Woo Hoo!

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