Tiencha (ヤム飯, Yam-han) used to be a fictional character in dbzb2.His FIrst Apperance was in AF while fighting piccolo in the other world.H


Tiencha's suit is the same as the suit that Gotenks wears. Like all Fusion Dance characters, Tiencha wears a

Tiencha as he appears in Budokai 2 in Story Mode

blue vest, around his waist he wears a green sash, and he wears white silky pants, dark shoes, and black wristbands. His hair style is a mix of Tien's baldness on the front, and Yamcha's spiky hair on the back. Also he has Tien's third eye and Yamcha's facial scars.
  • Interestingly Tiencha's third eye on his forehead is rotated at 180° when compared with Tien's eye.

Forms and transformationsEdit

Tiencha doesn't have any transformations but just like every Fusion Dance character he can become fat or skinny by making a mistake in the performance of the Fusion Dance, leading to a failded fusion.

Skinny TienchaEdit

Skinny Tiencha

Skinny Tiencha

Tiencha achieves this state when both Yamcha and Tien stretch their hands when saying "HAA" in the last stage of the Fusion Dance. In this stage, Tiencha can still fly, but is unable do any special attacks and can only use punches, kicks and simple ki attacks and even this costs him a lot of his energy. After a combo attack he coughs and if he tries a special attack like the Dodohameha he simply coughs.


  • Dodohameha - A combination of the Kamehameha and theDodon Ray,
    496px-Tiencha fusion 3


    Tiencha puts his hands behind his back and then puts them in front of him and fires a large yellow blast fired from both of his fingertips.
  • Wolf Fang Volleyball Fist- Using the power of the wolf, Tiencha knocks the opponent in the air multiple times like a volleyball, then finishes with a spinning, leaping punch.
  • Wolf Fang Tri Beam – Tiencha uses both of his hands and looks like if hes doing the tri beam attack.10 enegry balls shoots and has a wolf face on it and he controls them with his hands
  • Spirit Ball - Tiencha uses this move with 2 of his fingers and its like a energy ball and follows the opponent
  • Super Wolf Fang Fist – Tiencha his charging his ki for the Super Wolf Fang Fist,the Wolf Fang Fist is around his hand and the SUPER Wolf Fang Fist is huge.
  • Tri Beam Kamehameha-The combination of the Kamehameha and The Tri Beam,Tiencha charges the kamehameha and fires it and it a yellow Kamehameha
  • Afterimage-Dodges a few attacks
  • Neo Tri Beam-Uses the tri beam but stronger and bigger and can use it mutiple times,but his health decreases everytime he use it, in battle
  • Explosive Wave-A wave of energy damaging oppoents if it range
  • Super Energy Wave Volley-Multiple ki blasts
  • Wolf Tri Fist-Wolf fang fist with yellow orea around it and looks like

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