Ultimate Super Saiyan 4 Vegito

Ultimate Super Saiyan Vegito(or USSJ4 Vegito) is the fusion between Ultimate Goku and Ultimate Vegeta.

Just like his counterpart he is extremly powerful and can finish off his opponents in a flash.


Ultimate Super Saiyan 4 vegito looks diffrent than his past self. Instead of blue fur he has dark black hair. He also wears his original clothing of Vegeta's gloves, Blue baggy shorts, and he loses his shirt.


USSJ4 Vegito's personality does not change at all in this state. He still as a cocky and playful personality. Such characteristics in his personality are often taunting his opponents and making them want to suffer characteristics he picks up from Vegeta. He also has a caregiving and easygoing personality too characteristics he recieves from Goku.


USSJ4 Vegito has awesome attacks that can kill you in a blink of a eye. Such moves are the the Ultimate Beam Sword Slash and the Ultimate Spirit Bang. Other moves include:

  • Ultimate Complete Shot
  • Ultimate Banshee Blast
  • Perfect Game
  • Ultimate Big Bang
  • x100 Ultimate Big Bang Kamehameha
  • True Kamehameha
  • Ultimate Kamehameha
  • Ultimate Beam Sword Slash
  • Ultimate Spirit Sword
  • Delta Combination
  • Bluff Kamehameha
  • Spirit Cannon
  • Rainbow Kamehameha
  • Destructo Disk
  • Saiyan Sheild
  • Blast Combos
  • Air Combos
  • Burning Attack
  • Burning Slash
  • Instant Transmission
  • Physhic Whip
  • Afterimage Strike
  • Ultimate Scatter Finger Beam
  • Ultimate Phonton Bomb
  • Crimson Galik Gun
  • Rush Ki Wave
  • Asteroid Impact
  • Big Bang Cannon
  • Ultimate Final Flash
  • x100 Ultimate Final Kamehameha
  • Kiai Cannon Smash
  • Vanishing Attack
  • Instantaneous Final Flash
  • Maximum Flasher
  • Final Crusher
  • Ultimate Final Blast
  • Ultimate Spirit Bang
  • Dragon Smash
  • Rainbow Discharge
  • Insulting Blaster
  • Ultimate Final Shine Attack
  • Z Counter