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  • Daimaō


    July 19, 2013 by Daimaō

    Hey everyone! It's Daimaō! So anyways, after wandering around the depths of the internet. I finally found it! I found the WORLD'S WORST VIDEO GAME

    This game is called Crazy Bus. It was released in 2004 for the Sega Genesis, which became defunct in the mid 90's. Anyways, the premise of this game is extremely simple. You drive a bus. Left and right. For eternity. THAT'S IT! Also, it happens to have the WORST MUSIC IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! It's main "theme" consists of really loud and painful beeps and boops and clicks. It's horrendous to listen to. 

    If you are wondering WHY I posted this, I made a promise to find the worst video game of ALL TIME a while back... I did. And here it is! :D

    Okay that's it! Alright see you all later everyone! Auf wieders…

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  • Daimaō

    Hi everyone... again!

    July 12, 2013 by Daimaō

    Hey everyone! It's me, the former admin and the greatest editor the wikia has ever seen, Daimaō or TheUltraKamehameha. I just came to see how the wiki's been holding up, see how it's changed, and making sure DrAssassin hasn't ruined it yet. ;P

    I have a few final requests of everyone. Try to revive the wiki to its former glory, as it was a year or two ago. And strive to obtain OVER 9000!!! edits like me! :D  Please do these for me, it'd be amazing to come back one day and see several hundred edits each day like it was at one point.

    Okay, I'll see you all later! Auf widersehen!!


    XBOX Live: The Wise Beluga

    Skype: ... Well, e-mail me for that. ;)

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  • Daimaō


    March 15, 2013 by Daimaō

    Hey everyone! It's me, the great and all powerful Daimaō! I have a new announcement. Recently, I discovered a program that allowed me to program games. I found this quite interesting. So, I downloaded it and installed it. Why you care? Well, I have an idea for a short, hard, and sweet game. It will be titled "CAVE!" As the title suggests, you're in a cave. It's a maze though. So, the objective is to navigate the maze and reach the epic center. Which contains an artifact. Why is it hard? The maze is very complex... and... there is something out there...... hunting you.......... When I complete this, I will put up a beta. I want to know if anyone wants to be a beta tester. Comment below.

    Also, I am now refering myself to Justinianus. So... Bye…

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  • Daimaō

    Hey Gotek! Remember our conversation last night? Remember when you said Egypt wasn't in Africa? I'm sure you do. I told you I was going to prove you wrong and here you go. Undeniable proof.

    Information about Egypt:

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  • Daimaō

    Hey everyone! Daimaō, or TheUltraKamehameha as you wiki veterans might remember me as, here with an announcement! Due to more free time in my life, I will start making fan fictions again! (Oo-rah...) My first fan-fiction will be one I used to do all the time, Dragon Ball Z: After Years. This was one of my favourites and I hope to finish it. Until next time, Auf widersehen!

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