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Vegeta Jr

Vegeta Jr.
is the descendant of Vegeta and he appears in my online fan-fiction Dragon Ball: The New Hero's. He is a Hero in it. He is the best friend of Galrick, Goku Jr and Uub Jr.


Vegeta Jr.'s origins aren't well know other than his mother is Bumla, but his father is known. He is also a descendant of Vegeta and his family. He was taught martial arts by his mother and he also lives with her.

He visits Dende's Lookout and hangs out with Uub Jr. and Goku Jr. there. Then, he later meets Galrick.


Vegeta Jr. looks a lot like his ancestor Vegeta. Even his outfit resembles his ancestors. He sports a blue outfit that covers his torso and waist. He also has white boots and gloves. The gloves have holes in them where his fingers come out at.


Vegeta Jr. is like Vegeta a lot and Kid Trunks. He is arrogant overconfident and he under estimates his opponets a trait he got from Vegeta or Trunks. He seems to relie more on his natural power then actually training but eventually trains more so he can get stronger then his best friend and rival Goku Jr.

Training SagaEdit

Vegeta Jr appears in this Saga. In this Saga Vegeta Jr first makes a appearance at Dende's Lookout with Goku Jr and Uub Jr. He then befriends Galrick and they all become best friends. Later on once Kami informs them of a deadly threat coming to Earth within a months time, they then begin to train very hard within a 30 Day period. Vegeta Jr trains with Goku Jr. Once they are all done with their training they are about to head to the designated spot wheret he threat should land. Thats where The Devourer Saga begins.

Power Levels:Edit

Vegeta Jr: 100,000,000

SSJ Vegeta Jr: 5,000,000,000

Skills and TechniquesEdit

Final Flash- Vegeta Jr uses this ability a lot threwout the series. He learned this from his mother.

Ki Blast- Vegeta Jr has complete mastery of this skill like the others.

Ki Sense- Vegeta Jr has complete mastery of this skill like the others.


Super SaiyanEdit

180px-VegetaJr SS01

Vegeta Jr as a Super Saiyan

Vegeta Jr achieved this form at a unknown time in history. He has complete mastery over the form. As seen when he fought Goku Jr at the world tournament.

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