Vegetunks resulted Fusion

is the Potara Fusion of Vegeta and Future Trunks. The fusion is mostly dominated by Vegeta. Vegetunks was the result of a last-minute ditch
Vegetunks Theme01:57

Vegetunks Theme

attempt to defeat Maceza, and later fought the newly reserected Broly, and neither proved to be no match for the father-son fusion. Vegetunks has the swordsmanship of Future Trunks and the physical abilities and personality of Vegeta. He remained as Vegetunks for a while, but, like Gokule, eventually separated back into Future Trunks and Vegeta with the help of Old Kai.

Forms and TransformationsEdit

Super SaiyanEdit


Vegetunks as a Super Saiyan.

Throughout the whole AF series, Vegetunks has only ever used the base Super Saiyan transformation, and then only against Broly. It's likely that no higher form was needed at the time, as fusions formed by the patara Earrings are much stronger then normal fighters, and even those formed by the patara earings.


  • Ki Blast
  • Atomic Cannon
  • Galick Sword
  • Super Hangarosa
  • Super Blast
  • Big Bang Heat Dome Attack
  • Big Bang Galick Gun
  • Big Bang Finish Buster
  • Buster Flash Cannon
  • Big Buster Cannon
  • Explosive Burning Bang Storm
  • Father/Son Galick Gun
  • Final Sword Attack (unblockable)


  • Despite the fact that Vegetunks could go Super Saiyan, he didn't use this ability during his fight with Maceza.

    This a different version of vegetunks the first version of vegetunks ever!!

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